coolhausWORKS is dedicated to modeling the best-practices of sustainable business. Through green purchases and sustainable practice, coolhausWORKS is working hard to send a clear signal that the demand exists for positive change.

Forget the morning drive!
Our employees are encouraged to continue the maintenance of our environment.
Come to work by bicycle, on foot, via public transportation, or in a carpool and our employees get a subsidy for that day!
Leave your global footprint!
Your global footprint measures how much of the planet’s natural resources your lifestyle requires. This can be measured on an individual, national, or global basis. Visit for further information.
greenhaus Tips!

Reuse, renew, and refuse.
Three simple words in consideration of our environment…
If you can use it again – do it.
If you can recycle it – do it.
If you can use an environmentally safe item instead – do it.

The office…

  • Ask the cleaning company to use eco-friendly products.
  • Have more plants around the office.
  • Encourage communication by email.
  • Convert to recycled paper.
  • Print on both sides of the paper and decrease your margin sizes.
  • Drink from reusable mugs and glasses rather than disposable ones.
  • Use a projector rather than printing your presentations.
  • Turn off your computer and monitor every night. During lunch breaks and meetings, turn off your monitor.
  • Choose suppliers who take back packaging for reuse.

Visit The Green Office for more information regarding how to green up your office environment.


  • Stop your engine – Sitting idle for just 10 seconds uses more gas and produces more CO2 emissions than simply turning the engine off and then on again.
  • Check your tire pressure – Properly inflated tires can improve gas mileage enough to earn a free tank of gas every year!
  • Clean out your trunk – The lighter your car, the better gas mileage it’ll get.
  • Plan your shopping trips – Cars burn more CO2 when they’re not warmed up, so it pays to run all your errands at one time.


  • Paper or plastic?   How about neither - bring your own reusable bags!
  • Tighten that tap – do not leave taps dripping…one drop wasted per second wastes 10,000 litres per year!
  • Do not throw out your toxic household wastes, such as paint, paint thinner, and car fluids, in the garbage or down the drain.
  • Compost your food waste and use as nutrient rich soil for your lawn.
  • Avoid excess packaging.
  • Always use reusables mugs, lunch containers, batteries, pens, razors, etc.
  • Replace paper products with reusable ones (use recycled, non-chlorine bleached paper when you do have to use paper). 

Visit for everyday tips!